What's in YOUR Closet?


I have found myself buying the same style shirt because I couldn’t find the first one that I loved, only to discover it weeks later in a different drawer. Plus, it’s hard to shop for an outfit when you’re not sure what you already have! Follow these tips to help you keep track of what you have and purge the pieces you don’t want or need. Give yourself space to fill with clothes you love!

  1. Pull out-of-season items and store them elsewhere. Having too many pieces in view can make a closet feel overwhelming and your favorite in-season items can get lost. You can move out-of-season clothes to another closet, a bin under the bed, or anywhere else you have room.

  2. Flip all of your hangers around. This is especially helpful if you complete Step 1 first! As you wear your clothes, put them back on the hanger facing the right way. After a few months, you’ll be able to see what you’re wearing regularly and what you’re definitely not wearing!

  3. If you don’t feel good wearing something, for any reason, it needs to go! This can be due to size, a color that doesn’t compliment you, or anything that is otherwise unflattering. Life is too short to hold onto clothes you don’t love to wear!

  4. Keep a donation bin in or near your closet. If you discover a piece that just doesn’t fit right anymore (or hasn’t ever) while getting dressed, toss it in the donation bin. You don’t have to feel bad about purging your closet if it’s going to benefit someone else.

  5. Order your clothes by length and color. When you’re on the hunt for a specific piece, you’ll know exactly where to find it – and when you need to dress for the weather, everything will be grouped in the same spot!

  6. Keep accessories and shoes to a favorites list. I’m a sucker for shiny pretty things, but it gets overwhelming to try to find the right necklace when you have so much. Keep shoes that fit, don’t hurt your feet, and are in good repair. Keep jewelry that doesn’t irritate your skin, break easily, or that is hard to pair with an outfit.

  7. For items in dresser drawers, fold and place clothes KonMari style so you know exactly what you have at a glance!

Following these simple tips will help you keep track of what you have and make getting dressed a breeze! Good luck and happy shopping!

Abby Shrigley