I haven’t always been organized. In fact, I was a pretty messy kid. I have a distinct memory of not being able to see my floor for all the clothes and art supplies! As I got older though, I started to realize that I got a lot of joy from putting things in order. Having a place for every thing and having every thing in its place makes me glow with inner pride. A bit cheesy, I know, but the satisfaction is real!

My background is in Property Management, so I have had a very close look at how important a person’s home is, and have had the opportunity to deal with many sensitive issues in relation to a person's home. My priority is always Customer Service first. My goal is to help people, free of judgement, and I carry these values with me into my organizing business.

I come from an artistic family, and while I was never adept at fine arts or music, I have an eye for aesthetically pleasing spaces. Coupled with my administrative mindset, I can put just about any space in order – and enjoy the process along the way!

I am originally from Columbus, OH and I moved to Dallas in 2011 to be closer to my mother, who had moved here about a year prior. I get homesick in the fall when the leaves are supposed to start turning bright colors, but I otherwise cherish my life here and all of the opportunities Dallas has given me! I live near Addison with my sweet boyfriend, my fluffy fat cat, and my grumbly old dog.